What’s Happening with Sidharth Shukla In Bigg Boss 13

There has been constant controversies and fights with Sidharth Shukla In Bigg Boss 13

Another season of Bigg Boss has started and so does the drama involved with it. Like all the previous season, this one too is filled with drama and controversies. We should not say about that as these two are an integral part of this daily show. However, this season lacks something when compared to the other one. That is big Star’s and Celebs. Moreover the only celebrity present inside, who has achieved something in past is Sidharth Shukla. Hence, the title justifies itself, “Sidharth Shukla In Bigg Boss 13”.

Bigg Boss 13 or as salman khan is calling it ‘Bigg Boss Tedah‘ premiered way back on 29 September this year. It started with a total of 13 contestant from which most of the contestant are either unknown faces or former participants of another reality show i.e, Splitsvilla. And that’s the reason why words like King and Queen or dumping has been heard a lot.

We must say, these words didn’t had any place in previous year’s Bigg Boss for sure. No one can deny this fact, it’s totally visible through the TRP’s . You know, Salman khan is carrying this show on his shoulder’s with his Weekend ka vaar.

Do you know the reason behind this?

The main reason behind this fall is the casting and script. You have to understand that the concept which worked in past might not work this time. Now, what’s left for them?

Change the script and target the biggest celeb present, which in this season is Sidharth Shukla. Also, fill the house with Wild Card Entries which will target the biggest celeb inside.

And this is what exactly they are doing. Right from the old contestant’s to the newest ‘wildcard entries’, everyone has been handed a simple task of targeting sidharth shukla which is making this year’s Bigg boss a really boring one.

So, who is this Sidharth Shukla?

He started as a model from Mumbai which later opened the doors of Indian television for him. Started his career in 2008-2009 with a Sony TV daily soap, ‘ Babul ka Aangann chootey na’. But the show which made him a household name in just a small period was polular daily ‘Balikaa vadhu’. Later he did numerous other shows like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Dil se Dil tak and Dance Dewaane etc.

And he won numerous awards for the roles he played in various Tv shows. Apart from all the television shows, his big break was the movie “Humpty sharma ki dulhania” in which he grabbed a prominent role of the character Angad.

so, these are the achievement which gives him an edge over others contestants present inside the Bigg Boss Season 13.

What are his chances?

It’s completely true that Bigg Boss season 13 is a reality show which means that there are equal chances for each and every contestant to win. However, you cannot neglect the trend. If you are a regular viewer of the Bigg boss then you can easily understand the pattern.

Let me tell you, Bigg boss uses a pretty simple pattern. The winner they select should create a high level of controversy and one who can bring his/her fans towards the show.

This is what exactly we are seeing with sidharth shukla in bigg boss 13.

These facts are pretty evident to give us a hint regarding the winner of Bigg boss season 13.

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