What A Man Should Wear On A Date In India – Top 5 Picks

This is one of the most complex thing to decide but it is necessary to know that What A Man Should Wear On A Date

Dating is one of the most complex things to crack nowadays. Regardless of it being a first date or whatever number of date it is. You know why? Because you are going to be under your partner’s scanner. Her eyes will scan you from top to bottom. Before uttering a single word, she is gonna make a perception of yours in her mind. You don’t want that to happen. Then you should be aware of what a man should wear on a date.

You know, dating is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because of its complexity and competition, you have to look best to stand out in a crowd of thousands. Especially if it’s your first date, then its really-really important to impress your women just by the way you look.

Sometimes we confused ourselves between being stylish and comfortable at the same time. But we miss a very basic point here.

Magic happens when both style and comfort work together to give a man the looks to woo anyone.

It’s very easy to impress someone through your Instagram profiles or even through your pictures on a dating app. Believe me, everyone knows the science behind it and you are not the only one doing it either.

Obviously, thanks to DSLR and that photographer friend of ours, we easily get some brilliant pictures to upload but boy-o-boy, no one gonna date you virtually.

Oops, in real world there are no filters. And we all know, how you gonna solve that problem. You will turn your wardrobe upside down, try each and everything which looks a bit new. Yet, not a hint of success, only confusions.

So, what you gonna do now? Will you search about what a man should wear on a date?

Don’t worry, we got you covered in that department. We at thewordsplay look out for our friends and you are surely one of them.

What are we waiting for now, let’s jump in to find the top 5 picks to save your date.

Dress To Impress

One of the most simplest hack is to dress what gives you comfort. Don’t get me wrong here, by comfort I am not referring to those loose and baggy outfits. You are going on a date, not for a rap battle. Over sized t-shirts, cargo as well as ripped jeans are a complete no-no.

You should look mature enough to date a woman. How you gonna look one?

First of all by wearing clothes which fit you well. A well fitted denim jacket with a pair of straight leg jeans might to do the work for you. One important yet minute detail, always go for a round neck T-shirt under your denim. That’s the perfect look for your first date.

Keep in mind, women like to go on at different places every time which will make your funda of Dress to Impress, a difficult one.

What you gonna wear on a Dinner Date

A date which will make you go out of your comfort zone and bring the lost classiness back in you. Here I am talking about going old school or some like to say it ‘the Gentleman look’. Yes, time to bring that tux out of the wardrobe.

Tuck, your shirt to look sharp, pair it with slim fit trousers and don’t forget your leather brown/black shoes. This outfit will surely show her your confidence along with the fact that you had made efforts.

That should be enough but don’t miss the basics of a dinner date i.e., etiquette.

What if you decide to go clubbing on a Date

Remember the fact that clubbing is always a good option for a date. It will help you if you don’t wanna talk much or the person with you is too boring. You can always make a move to the dance floor to save your date.

Even dressing to a club is easy, you can put on anything stylish. Like a T-shirt which has some witty quotes on it. What about a striped shirt along with ripped jeans, not too much ripped. Pair it with some loafers or sneakers.

Also, make sure that the Shirt/t-shirt which you are wearing is not too tight as you will be dancing for sure. Anything better than worse is good for clubbing and that the mantra for you.

Accessorize Yourself

However, a mistake that is pretty common is the negligence towards accessories. And you don’t want to commit this mistake on your very first date. Always remember that these small things like your watch, shoes and even your belt can make a difference in your overall look.

You should always keep in mind the type of accessories ‘What a man should wear on a date’. There are some basic tips regarding this that you should always take note of before leaving for a date.

1. Always wear a watch. A leather strap one for all the occasions except for a dinner date.
2. Most of the women prefer a man with a shaven look.
3. A Little spritz of cologne will do great justice to your personality.
4. Keep your leather shoes polished and your casual shoes cleaned.

Pay Attention to Minute Details

Last but not the least comes the turn of the most difficult thing. Keeping everything in check before leaving for a date. We know that the thought of a date makes every man nervous and due to that nervousness you tend to make silly mistakes.

But you cannot afford that. Can you?

Believe me, there are no tricks or tips for that. You just need to control your nerves and remain calm as well as composed. That’s simple.

So, now what?

You are ready to shine on your first date. Although remember even after following all the things listed above, you have to follow your instinct.

No one knows your style better than you. Simply be the best version of yourself.