Top 5 Clothes For Men To Wear In Quarantine

Top 5 Clothes For Men To Wear In Quarantine amid coronavirus

As we all all know that India and rest of the world are under complete lock down due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to which most of the people around the world are either working from home or they are sitting ideal at home. And believe us, in both the scenario it’s very difficult to not get bored while you are locked in your house. Especially by seeing yourself in your sleepwear. But there is nothing to worry about. Since we have created a list of Top 5 clothes for men to wear in quarantine.

Do you feel tired of wearing the same pajamas and the regular office wear all day? We know you are working for really long hours at your home during this COVID crisis. Even the so called fashionista’s among us is thinking about what to wear. Those Black and White stripes are hard to bear, yet there is nothing that you can think of.

However, we have a brilliant set of solutions for you to get rid of this monotonous clothing problem.

So, lets dig deeper and find the top 5 clothes for men to wear in Quarantine.

Polo Shirts

Everyone around the globe always go for a comfy T-shirt, when he is at home. But one cannot do that, if he is about to have a video conference from the boss. And here Polo Shirts comes in, one level of formality above the cozy T-shirts. You can always pair a good polo shirt with a premium quality jeans to have a comfy yet classy attire.

You don’t even have to pay a lot of money on Polo Shirts, as there are plenty of good brands available in the market providing good stuff at low prices.


This is one particular style item when mixed properly can give excellent boost to your work from home style. Pair it with Polo Shirts rather than those same old jeans and it will change your look completely.

There are a wide range of colors that you can choose from but always go for the one which can easily blend with your Polo. Apart from that there are some all time favorite chinos colors like Navy, Beige, Cream and Gray with stripes.

Bermuda Shorts and Cargos

There are times when you will be sitting in a chair while having your laptop in front of you for a video call. At that time, no one gonna see what you are wearing beneath your fine linen shirt. There comes a men go to home wear, a Bermuda shorts or a Cargo.

But always have this in mind that they should be of high quality and should fit you well.

Denim Jeans

The most essential item of men’s wardrobe is a great fitting jeans irrespective of where ever he is. Pair it with anything either a shirt or a Polo shirt, that the best thing about jeans.

And if you wish to have a more polished appearance, you can always go for a washed jeans.

Moreover, a men never say no to a good quality jeans and cannot neglect the thirst to wear as often as possible.

Linen Shirts

This is one other option to have a comfortable as well as formal look when you are working from home. Although, this particular clothing item is very debatable, when we think of it as a comfy wear.

However if you listen to us, then you can always pair a fine quality linen shirt which has a fabric that can breathe with shorts or jeans to attain an amazing look. And be sure of one thing that this look can impress anyone.

One Important Style Tip – Try whatever you read but never stick to it completely. Always experiment and discovers what’s your comfy formal attire.

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