Top 5 Best Perfume For Men Under Rs 1000 In 2019

best perfume for men under Rs 1000

Perfumes are without any doubt a men’s best friend. You tell me, who doesn’t love a good perfume? It can bring that extra plus to the charm of any man on the face of this earth. And believe me, if you look good but smell bad, then it can surely turn your game upside down. At this time, you can choose any fragrance depending on your mood and occasion. Really there are plenty of options available in the market, whether you like to be sporty, elegant, sexy or subtle. You just need to find your smell. If you are one of those, who think that buying perfume can burn a hole in your pocket. Then we must tell you, that the secret of smelling good may not always be a luxury perfume. Some low budget perfumes can works amazingly well too. But with so many expensive brands perfume available in the market, it is very difficult to find an affordable option. However, this article will provide you a list of top 5 best Perfume for men under Rs 1000.

So, tighten your seat-belt and get on this journey of finding the Top 5 Best Perfume For Men.

Top 5 Best Budget-Friendly Perfume For Men Under Rs 1000

Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette

Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette

Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette is the perfect perfume for men living in the prowl of a big city. Because of it’s woody, spicy fragrance, it is the best partner for daily wear. The top notes of this perfume are of basil, pepper, grapefruit, mandarin, with a middle note of lavender, guaiac wood, and cypress.

The Base note is of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Incense, and Tonka Bean which add to its freshness and spice. This sporty perfume is meant for men who are willing to face challenges and who sweat out their fear.

Price: Rs. 498


AXE Signature Mysterious Body Perfume  

Mysterious Perfume By AXE Signature

AXE is a household name when it comes to Deodorant and Perfumes for men. This AXE signature mysterious is a perfect blend of sophistication, classy and aquatic fragrance. If you desire to have an aura of seduction around you, this perfume shall suit you the best.

It has a predominantly fresh, citrusy scent beautifully mixed with the rusty smell to give you the perfect smell of masculinity.

Moreover, it is a long-lasting perfume which totally secured its place in our list of Top 5 best perfume for men under Rs 1000.

Price: Rs.189


Park Avenue Eau De Parfum Harmony

Park avenue perfume

There is a very close fight between Park Avenue Harmony and Park Avenue Euphoria because they both fall in the same price range and have a very similar fragrance. But we have kept the Park Avenue Harmony in our top 5 best perfume for men under Rs 1000, due to it’s fresh and tangy top notes of Bergamot, Pepper and Tangerine.

The heart notes of this perfume are deeper and calmer with ingredients like Lavender, Tonka Beans, Musk, Patchouli, Amber and Vetiver. It is an ideal choice for evening dates.

Price: Rs. 689/100ml


Nike Up or Down Perfume EDT For Men 

Up or Down Perfume EDT For Men by Nike

This perfume comes with a lively blend of natural earthy scents, best suitable for those living their life on the edge. This Nike perfume provides a long-lasting fragrance at an affordable price.

Basically, no matter how big the problem is, this perfume will make you sail happily throughout the day. Undoubtedly, this perfume is on the pinnacle of our top 5 best perfume for men under Rs 1000.

Price: Rs.784


Fogg Xpressio Scent For Men, 100ml

Xpressio by Foff scent

Fogg perfume was launched in India way back in 2011, with a wide range of affordable perfumes. It came in the market with a motto of “no gas, only perfume” which made it consumer friendly. Without a doubt, Fogg perfumes have lived up to their motto till date.

And this Fogg xpressio scent for men from Fogg has a fresh, clear as well as a strong fragrance. It feel very gentle on the skin and even provides anti-bacterial protection against body odor.

Price: Rs. 334


So, these are the top 5 best perfume for men under Rs 1000. Although, there are plenty of more good fragrance perfume which you can try. And if you wish us to add any particular perfume in our list of best perfume for men, just drop a comment.

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