Shehnaz Gill Slapped Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13

Shehnaaz Gill Slapped Siddharth Shukla In Bigg Boss 13

Shehnaz Gill slapped Siddhart Shukla in Bigg Boss 13 house. Yes you heard it right. Shehnaz Gill who is head over heels for Siddhart Shukla actually slapped him not once but twice. Like we all know Shehnaz Gill is an attention seeker and desperately needs it especially from Siddhart Shukla. On the other hand, Siddhart Shukla likes Shehnaz Gill but gets irritated from her constant flipping towards Paras.

Well, Paras likes Mahira, in the house as we all know he is already engaged out side the house. Also, Shehnaz Gill likes Paras way too much and accepts it every once in a while. Further, Mahira is quiet jealous of Shehnaz as she does not want to share Paras Chabra with anyone. But is that the truth?

Well no, the fact is that, when Shehnaz accepted her love for Paras, Mahira got anxious. In this senario she lost the plot. How? Mahira and Paras are faking it!! Earlier, Mahira quoted “Mene agar Bigg Boss 13 mein Boy friend banaya toh meri Ammi mujhe maar dalengi aur mera ghar se niklana band karwADENGI. Mein yaha yeh sab karne nahi aayi hoon.”

Actually, to remain in the game now she is using Paras. Now, Paras rejected Shehnaz in order to maintain their fake relationship. Due to this, Shehnaz is hurt. Furthermore, Mahira calls her jealous as she does not want Paras to speak to Mahira.

Why Shehnaz Gill Slapped Siddhart Shukla

Siddhart Shukla knows the fact that Shehnaz Gill gets hurt and angry whenever someone calls her jealous. Knowing this fact, Siddhart Shukla deliberately calls her jealous to tease her. As Shehnaz Gill is already upset for two resasons. Firstly, Shefali Bagga, her only confidant was evicted and secondly Siddhart Shukla is spending more time with Paras and Mahira and not with her.

So, Siddhart Shukla continued teasing her in the up coming episode of Bigg Boss 13. Shehnaz Gill asked him not to call her jealous but he continued. Shehnaz then gets angry and leaves the place. While Shehanz is resting in the bed room Siddhart Shukla comes to pacify her. But Shehnaz Gill get angry and slapped Siddhart Shukla in Bigg Boss 13 house. Now, chances that Shehnaz Gill getting evicted for being physical is vague. But there is someone in the house who might get evicted.

Madhurima Tuli Might Get Evicted

Madhurima Tuli might get evicted. As we all know, Vishal and Madhurima are constantly fighting like Tom and Jerry in Bigg Boss 13 like they did in Nach Baliye. Madhurima is quiet disrespectful towards Vishal. Where Vishal still has a soft corner for her, she is as cold and disrespectful. Further, Madhurima is not doing anything in Bigg Boss 13 apart from sleeping and fighting with Vishal.

In one such fight where Vishal was just taking to Madhurima Tuli, she started yelling. Madhurima started abusing Vishal first with words and then by slapping Vishal. Well, this is not the first time she has slapped Vishal in Bigg Boss 13. But this time, Madhurima has gone way wild with her act. She not only slapped Vishal but threw her slipper on him. How disrespectful is that? Who does that?

Madhurima, you are just defaming yourself by doing such stupid things. Further, Vishal is winning hearts by not giving it back to you. Now, Madhurima will stay or leave Bigg Boss 13 house for hitting Vishal or not is up to Bigg Boss.

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