Sachin Tendulkar Sues Aussie Batmaker Over Licensing Deal

Sachin Tendulkar sues spartan sports for deal irregularities

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar sues an Australian sporting goods manufacturer for failing to pay him millions of dollars under an exclusive licensing agreement.

Tendulkar entered into a worldwide sponsorship agreement with the Spartan Sports group in 2016. The deal was to promote Spartan’s sporting goods and sportswear.

The Sydney law firm Gilbert and Tobin stated that”Sachin allowed Spartan to use his name and image on cricket bats. The cricketer also attended promotional events for Spartan in Mumbai and London “.

Sachin Tendulkar sues Aussie bat maker Spartan over $2 mn dollar licensing deal.

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar sues an Australian sports manufacturer. The company failed to pay him millions of dollars under an exclusive licensing agreement, his lawyers said on Thursday.

Gilbert and Tobin’s partner Siabon Seet said that Tendulkar was claiming substantial damages against Spartan and its directors for breach of contract and irregularities.

The suit also demands the cancellation of trademarks featuring Tendulkar’s silhouette registered by one of the Spartan group companies.

The statement does not provide a figure for damages sought. But Australian media reports have said that Spartan went into liquidation last year, and has failed to pay USD 2 million owed under the two-year agreement.

“Spartan did not take his concerns seriously and continued to use his name and likeness without his authority. Tendulkar had no alternate but to take legal action” the law firm said. The case is due to go to trial later this year or early next year.

thewordsplay backs tendulkar for his move. May he get justice because companies do have a knack of using the brand value of sportsmen and then try to back out from the deal. Sachin Tendulkar, is in England with the Indian Cricket Team for the ICC World Cup 2019 at the moment. May the god of cricket and Team India bring the world cup back to India.