Rashmi Desai-Siddharth Shukla Romancing In Bigg Boss 13

Romantic angle between Rashmi Desai and Sidharth Shukla In Bigg Boss 13

If you are a constant viewer of the reality show Bigg Boss, then you must have noticed the fact that it looks scripted. It is a well written, as well as well executed show. And because of that, there are some tricks which they keep on using. Like having a rivalry or making a romantic angle between the contestants. But this current Bigg Boss 13 surely incompetent of providing those stuffs. That’s the reason why, you will be seeing a very different role for two of their top contestants. According to the latest promos, you all viewers will be getting a romantic angle between Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13.

Those two contestant’s who entered this season of Bigg Boss as a foe to each other. Two top-notch celebrities with a strange past of their own, no one can imagine them having a romantic angle. However, Bigg boss has been all about surprises and bringing enemies together to survive.

That’s exactly we might witness in this season too. But it will be really interesting to see, how their fan’s will react to this. Why?

Because just a week before, these two were on each other nerves. So, were their fans, from twitter to YouTube, they were willing to do anything to support their favourite celebrity.

Let’s Dig In The Past

Back in the year 2016, Rashmi Desai was in an abusive marriage with Nandish Sandhu which was getting too much to handle for the Uttaran fame actress and that became the sole reason for her divorce.

There were rumors that both of them were dating before the start of the show.
Source: Indiatimes

Although right after her divorce, Rashmi desai decided to move on and find love again which was amazing as everyone deserves love in their life. And the newly found love was the then nation heartthrob Siddharth Shukla.

However, they never confirmed it. But as per the unit of Dil se Dil tak, something was brewing between the two. According to one individual of the unit:

She has developed a serious liking for Siddharth, and he has also been reciprocating. Now only time will tell if it’s a serious relationship or not, but for the moment, they are spending a lot of time together.

From The Sets Of Dil Se Dil Tak

From the sets of DIl Se Dil Tak
Source: Hindustan Times

This show was totally based on the chemistry of these two individuals and their popularity. And this couple was living up to it. On the one hand, where their onscreen chemistry was gaining amazing TRPs but on the other, they were having pretty ugly fights on the set leading to siddharth shukla’s replacement in the show.

As per the latest revelation, it was siddharth shukla who left the show on his own to help his ex-flame.

Things didn’t end there, and soon, Rashmi Desai also left the show.

Bigg Boss 13

They both entered the show to save their dying careers, but in the beginning they were having really hard time to adjust with each other. Due to the amount of Ups and Downs, they had faced in the past with their relationship, it was looking impossible for them to survive inside. Even the other contestants were fed up of the fight and argument happening between the two.

But with time, their bitter relation started to ease up a bit which is totally visible in last some days. They are talking to each other without arguing even a little.

And Bigg Boss is trying to gain some Trps out of it. That is why, from today onward we will be seeing alot of this romantic angle between Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13.

Now it’s totally up to the fans to accept this romantic angle or say a no to it.

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