Is It The End Of Dynasty With Rahul Gandhi In Congress?

Rahul Gandhi resigned from inc

Last night was a pretty rough one for top congress leaders due to meetings and deliberation with the resignation of its president  Rahul Gandhi. In a late night huddle, senior party leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mukul Vasnik, Ahmed Patel, AK Antony, Ashok Gehlot were forced to discuss the future course of action for the oldest political party of India.

The problem ahead for these leaders is to de-escalate the present crisis without the presence of any Gandhi dynasty politician.

By the planner of Rahul Gandhi, he is suppose to travel abroad for the health follow up of his mother who is by chance the Congress Supremo. Priyanka Gandhi is already in the US which left the party without any Gandhi in the midst of the leadership massacre.  The situation will compel the party leadership to call for an urgent Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting but without any Gandhi.

The Congress has limited options as Rahul Gandhi seems to have put his foot down. In his absence, the CWC meeting that is likely to be called next week, could pass a resolution to reject or accept his resignation.

In the latter case, an interim president will be appointed and according to the constitution of the party ”in the event of any emergency by reason of any cause such as the death or resignation of the president elected as above the senior most general secretary will discharge the routine function of the president until the working committee appoints a provisional president pending the election of regular presidency by AICC”.

Veteran congress leaders like Motilal Vohra is still hooting for Rahul Gandhi with a hope of seeing him back or with a guilt that they have actually destroyed ‘Rahul Gandhi’s’ career or worse, more than half of his life.  

There are some speculations that leaders like Mukul Vasnik and leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad are the strongest contenders to be the next party chief.

As per Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, it was clearly mentioned that he is resigning to ensure accountability.