People Walking On Foot Towards UP/Bihar In Lockdown

People Walking On Foot Towards UP Bihar In Lockdown

Living and surviving in a big city like Delhi is too hard for a daily wage earner on a normal scenario. There are days when they sleep without even eating anything. Now with this 21-days lockdown due to coronavirus (covid-19), it is nearly impossible for them to live here without any help and with a fear in their mind regarding their family. What they can think of apart from going to their villages at any cost.

There is no transport of any kind available for them neither they have any government buses. But they need to reach their homes, otherwise, they will die here either of Coronavirus (Covid-19) or from hunger.

Delhi government has organized for free food and water supplies for them. But are these daily wage workers have the leisure of having a TV in their rented rooms. It’s like Delhi Government has made some plans although forgot to tell their plans to the people for whom these plans are.

The best they could have done is making people get to know about their places which can provide food and shelter to these poor people. This could only happen if the government asks Delhi Police to circulate this information all across Delhi.

Now, these poor, daily wage laborers have started walking towards the houses on foot. And are seen moving towards their destination without a single stop. A similar kind of view can be seen in all areas of Delhi-NCR. Ever since the 21-days lockdown has been announced, people living here want to reach their homes as soon as possible.

This is actually making chaos all around the Delhi-UP border. As these people are completely ignoring the lockdown as well as the precautionary norms of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

But even this negligence is on the head of the local Delhi Government. It was their duty to make these people understand the lockdown and to provide them the necessary help.

As much as, it is the duty of the Delhi government but it also was the responsibility of Nitish Kumar’s Bihar government. To take care for their people who are earning their livelihood in Delhi.

However, we didn’t hear a single word from him regarding this situation. Not only that, but there is also a big question mark on the level of preparation he has to tackle Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Bihar.

Coming back to the problems of the daily wage earners who are walking their way to their respective villages in Bihar. They have found a messiah in the form of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

According to his latest announcement, each and every one of those people who are travelling from Bihar to Delhi and are currently inside UP border. They will get a sufficient amount of help like Coronavirus test, buses to reach their home, food and water supplies.

Earlier today, the Bihar government did make a step for the help of the people trapped in Delhi. But isn’t it a bit late for this step. And truthfully very few of the people know about the number Nitish Kumar provided with the help of Delhi’s Kejriwal government.

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