Paras Chhabra’s Girlfriend Akanksha Puri To Enter Bigg Boss 13

Akanksha Puri and Paras Chhabra

Paras girlfriend Akanksha Puri to enter Bigg Boss 13. Yes, it is true Akanksha Puri would enter Bigg Boss 13 house soon. The makers are constantly after Akanksha Puri; forcing her to enter Bigg Boss house at only cost. As we all know, Paras Chhabra is all head over heals for Mahira in Bigg Boss 13.

Further, Paras Chhabra accepted his love for Mahira in weekend ka vaar last week. Further more, Salman Khan also tried to clear the love drama that is going on between Paras and Mahira. On which Mahira makes a statement that she is already aware about Akanksha Puri. She is well aware that Paras is already engaged to Akanksha Puri. But Paras on the other hand says he still has no feelings for Akanksha.

Paras Chhabra claims to be in an ugly relationship. He is adamant that he needs a break up from his fiance. Now, Paras if you are in an ugly relationship and want to break up then what are those messages about. Yes, recently Akanksha Puri reveled personal whatsapp messages of Paras. Well, Paras dear no one could see anything even close to break up lines in those messages. In fact, all we could see was” I love you baby, I am yours, only yours, miss me, mujse ladna miss krna ab

Consequently, these statements are enough to tell the audience that Paras Chhabra is playing dirty games in Bigg Boss 13 house. But, he does not realize that what ever he is doing is not right. Akanksha is devastated outside the house listening to Paras. As a result, She willbe entering Bigg Boss 13 house on 28th January. Now, this will be a treat to watch.

Chaos in Bigg Boss 13

Ever since, the show started; the makers are doing whatever they could do to call Akanksha Puri in the house. Now, when she is coming, Trp of the show will shoot definitely. Everyone outside the house are eagerly waiting for this moment. Some think that Akanksha would rip him off and others think that she would call off the relationship on national TV.

Well, this is not the only break up in Bigg Boss 13 house. Sidnaaz are also breaking up. Siddharth Shukla is not only upset with Shehnaz but he just refused to talk to her. Siddharth is very adamant that he will not be in touch with Shehnaz even outside the house.

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