Nationalism In INDIA Then And Now

concept of nationalism

Nationalism and India are synonyms of each other, even before the time when most of the modern day civilizations were not established, Indian people were famous for their love towards their nation.

Right from the Mauryan dynasty who fought against Alexander the great, to those people who laid their lives for the freedom of their country against the foreign yoke. This is a country which defines patriotism in its perfect form, but the time have taken a huge toll on the people’s of this great land. Before jumping in the far depth of this ocean, let’s understand, what patriotism actually means.

Nationalism is the ideology of love and devotion to a homeland. It is a sense of alliance with other citizens who share the same values and this is what Nationalism signifies. An unseen bond between people who share the same land, which is completely missing in modern day India. A country known for its teaching of peace and knowledge is today filled with communal hatred, riots, etc. But, how is all this possible, let’s dive in the hearts of a common Indian.

It’s true that India, we all live in, is way different from the India which got independence in 1947. And with the changing country, it’s people have changed too. Not only from their appearance, but they have also changed internally. The bond which was impeccable has become a symbol only. Why does all this happened, why we haven’t done anything to stop this internal partition taking place in our heart. Is it because of those scoundrels know as a politician or is it because we are incompetent to understand the real meaning, or realize, what is right and what is wrong. There can’t be a single reason behind all this menace, nor there is.

Let’s go further and try to understand what Nationalism means for a modern day Indian.
Right now in India, people are divided on the basis of caste, religion, and status. Even on a national front you can easily find some people who will be seen questioning the things, which are trying to do some good for the nation.

No matter, what we say, Indian politics is the main reason behind this mockery. Just for the sake of winning elections they have successfully manipulated the bond which was making this land a nation. Yes, we are stronger than ever, a force to reckon with on the entire globe. But at the same time, we are getting weaker by losing that inner trust, which got us our Independence.

In recent time, these buffoons had dared to raise their fingers against the Indian forces but what one can say about those so-called representatives of the people. They are clowns, present to make everyone laugh by their actions and by their words. It is disturbing that some people from their own country supported them completely by coming on news channels etc. These are the people along with greedy politicians who are disturbing the bond with their acts.

we at thewordsplay are not saying that there can’t be differences, but the differences should not divide the nation.