‘NARENDRA MODI is the most popular Prime minister of India’, as quoted by several
media reports. He is popular not just in India but across the world. He came across as a person who awakened the deep buried hope of people for a change they always starved for.

Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for more than a decade. The deleterious earthquake that occurred in Gujarat was the most destructive natural disaster. It not only took many lives but made dreadful infrastructural damage.

No one ever thought Gujarat can overcome from this destruction but one man believed in himself and took an oath that he will not only bring Gujarat from its catastrophic self but will make it burgeon of success.

Modi changed the face of Gujarat with his dedication and hard work. His work in Gujarat made him the most reliable and successful chief minister of all times. Everybody in the country praised him and looked up to him. The man who was rejected the visa of USA was invited to give inspirational speech in United States.

When Narendra Modi was proposed as a prime ministerial candidate, the entire nation was elated and experienced a wave of Modi which was never seen before. What made him so popular? The answer is simple, his passion to work, his dedication to bring the change and his intellect. People had already seen him transforming the face of Gujarat.

A state which needed help from other state after the destruction, a state which was struggling to stand now, was running faster than all the states. This growth and development ignited hope in the mass that this man can bring the change that was long needed. Modi became the leader who could fulfill all the needs of the country. His patriotism, decision making power and undaunting attitude made the gigantic wave of Modi. This wave of love made him a clear winner.

This year his fan base not only has increased but enemies too. His enemies became insecure that they all grouped together against him. This election has become more like the presidential election of United States but there is one difference here, it is one against all.

In his tenure as Prime Minister, NARENDRA DAMODAR DAS MODI has made revolutionary decisions like demonetization which was the biggest step taken against corruption in Indian history. The introduction of GST, and several other projects are aimed at the development of India and is to play its significant part in making India a $5 Trillion economy by 2030. His works speaks for him.

He is the only Prime Minister who is accused with nonsensical allegations and abused in public. But why is that? His clean image has caused intimidation to his enemies. The oppositions are not having any schemes to outrun his stardom. Once again Narendra Modi Has managed to lure people with his remarkable work.
People may call him as a dictator as he makes decisions which no one dares to take like demonetization, surgical strike and the air strike. He is no doubt nothing but a legend.