Mahira Sharma’s Mid Night Eviction in Bigg Boss 13

Mahira Sharma's Mid Night Eviction

Mahira Sharma’s mid night eviction is going to happen in Bigg Boss 13. Yes it true, Mahira Sharma will be evicted this week. Ever since, the show aired Mahira’s game is nowhere close to other contestants.

Further, Mahira is one of the weakest contestant of Bigg Boss 13. Paras Chhabra is always there to help Mahira Sharma. But this is one of the prime reason that no one takes her as a player in Bigg Boss 13 house. After all, what is her share in Bigg Boss 13? Yelling for no reason, yelling for no reason and ya yelling for no reason.

Mahira Sharma plays under the shadow of Paras Chhabra. She digs out reason for no reason to get into a tussle with Shehnaz Gill. Mahira seems jealous of Shehnaz Gill due to her popularity. This is the reason she always back bite her and even tries to manipulate Siddhart Shukla against her. Also, no one likes her in Bigg Boss 13 house apart from well we know who.

Further more, she cooks and shows as if she is the only person who does it. Well, when Rashmi Desai cooks, then she says” Mene ni khana yeh negativity wala khana, Rashmi khana negativity se deti hai” Well who says so? This is so mean right there. A person who is feeding you, no matter how much you hate that person, one should always respect FOOD and the person cooking it.

Paras Chhabra Lost His Game Because Of Mahira Sharma

Aabra ka daabra Paras Chhabra lost his game because of Mahira Sharma. Every one who is close to Paras Chhabra from his friends to his mother has told him that he has lost his track saving Mahira Sharma.

Well if it comes from your mother, atleast then you should take it seriously and listen to her. Instead he argues with his mother and says” aapko kuch ni pata, muje pata hai me kya kar raha hoon” Well you better revisit that!!

Every body knows that the love angle Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are trying to stay in the show. It is costing them a FORTUNE now. Mahira is not looking good outside the house, for her closeness with Paras. And Paras is keeping his two years long relationship at stake for this. Akanksha Puri who is doing everything for him, from his clothes to publicity to sending money to his mother. Rewarding her with disrespecting her infront of entire country and saying that I have issues with her, we are done, I love Mahira is not cool. Have some respect for the lady.

Paras Chhabra was one of the potential winner when he entered Bigg Boss 13 but he ruined it all for Mahira Sharma. How can you put your dreams and relationships at stake for a person you just met. Supporting Mahira Sharma in the house is making him look stupid. Now, Paras has no game, no strategy, no thirst to win the game and ya no fiance waiting outside as well.

Well thewordsplay hope, Paras gathers himself and try to focus on the game before Bigg Boss 13 finale after Mahira Sharma’s Mid Night Eviction.