Mahira Confesses Love For Paras In Bigg Boss 13

mahira sharma and paras chhabra in bigg boss 13

Mahira confesses her love for Paras Chabra in Bigg Boss 13. Ever since, Bigg Boss 13 have started Mahira and Paras were seen as a couple. Paras always have a soft corner for her and supports her like a pro. Nonetheless, it is quiet evident that Mahira would not stand any chance in Bigg Boss 13 house if Paras Chabra is not in it.

Further, the love angle between Mahira and Paras Chabra looks fake. As we all know, Siddhart Shukla is emerging like a shining star in the Bigg Boss 13 show. Also, the masti between Siddhart Shukla and Shehnaz Gill is a visual treat for the viewers. In this entire script, there is no scope of Mahira and Paras Chabra to play. Irresective of supporting each other openly, they failed to leave any foot prints for viewers to like. Hence, after coming back from surgery Paras is no where in the game.

Further, both of them almost got evicted. Mahira is a week contestant and does nothing apart from useless yelling!! da aa If Mahira and Asin keep yelling like this, they will soon make the rest of the house mates DEAF. Akhir enn dono ka Masla kya hai!!!

Unnecessary yelling and getting into anybody’s matter would not fetch you anything dear. Pull up your pants and do something fruitful. Paras Chabra is getting weak in the game and he is trying very hard to get the viewer’s attention. Making a love angle is that it. Learn something from Shehnaz Gill; by far she is playing all her cards right. From being cute to confuse the housemates and viewers who she loves, she has a game right there.

Siddhart Shukla feels for Shehnaz Gill. Awww!

Shiddhart Shukla definitely has some feeling for Shehnaz Gill. Siddhart Shukla has everything on his plate already. Now, he has added a love angle too. Well, it seem fake to people but the viewers are enjoying it. Although, Shehnaz Gill has openly admitted feelings for Paras Chabra but she is always caring and loving towards Siddhart Shukla.

Recently, Siddhart got his feelings hurt. The constant oscillation of Shehnaz Gill between Paras Chabra and Siddhart Shukla had hurt him. Further, Paras is always behind Mahira, trying to make his love angle work. Shehnaz Gill gives Paras more priority than Siddhart Shukla which is unfair. Every body is wondering why she is doing it, including the viewers.

Now, Shehnaz Gill and Mahira are in verbal tussle because of Paras Chabra. In this tussle, Mahira confessed that she loves Paras. And guess what they kissed each other. This drama, infuriated Sana. Now, it will be interesting to see that how does Siddhart Shukla takes it. As Sana had already promised him that she would not flip gain and go back to Paras Chabra.