Mahendra Singh Dhoni Forced To Remove His Gloves

Mahendra SinghDhoni forced to remove his gloves
The controversy started when MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI, who has been conferred an honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in the Parachute Regiment in 2011 wore the Para special forces insignia on his glove on India’s first outing in the ongoing  2019 ICC Worldcup at Southampton.

The camera captured the engraved Para Insignia ‘The Balidaan Badge’ on Dhoni’s glove. A lot of talks started to flow on social media about the Insignia mostly from the Indian section. People started praising Dhoni for carrying the insignia and acknowledging the Indian army. But, when a tweet from Pakistan’s federal minister of science and technology Fawad Chaudhary floated on Twitter. That generated a nationwide uproar on social media supporting Dhoni for putting on and asking him to remove it at any cost.

In a matter of a few hours, the Balidaan Badge debate became an issue of national pride. While the twitter was flooding with the support tweet for Dhoni, ICC ( International cricket council) sent a message to BCCI (The Board of control of cricket in India) asking BCCI to remove Dhoni’s gloves. Later in the day BCCI explained to the ICC that there is no relevance of the symbol in itself. It is not that military insignia people are talking about and called it just a design.

A statement was released from the Indian army that the design is not the‘ Para special forces Insignia’ (Balidaan Badge). The balidan badge  is a maroon badge with the word ‘Balidaan’ upon it.

By the evening, Claire Furlong, the ICC general manager, strategic communication, said that they have taken a decision and have asked BCCI to remove the symbol from Dhoni’s gloves.

At the moment the situation has attained a status’quo where no further tweets or messages are coming in from either BCCI or ICC.

Now the question is, if a symbol is not related to political or religious activity then why to remove it.

Furthermore this isn’t the first time, BCCI has bogged down in front of ICC in recent years. A panel of selective members recommended by ‘The Lodha committee’ runs the BCCI. And these officials are absolutely unaware about how to deal with ICC.