How To Look Thin Instantly……

Nowadays everybody is obsessed with looking thin which is difficult as it can’t happen instantly. Nevertheless with a few grooming tips one can achieve it and can look thin instantly.

Common mistake: The biggest problem with people is that they tend to wear loose clothes, thinking that it could hide their side fat and bulging tummy which is a huge mistake they commit. Wearing loose clothes makes you look even more huge so, one should always wear right sized clothes.

What should we do to look thin instantly?

One can always wear black as it creates a slimming illusion and makes you look thinner.

a lady wearing a black gown

Avoid wearing light colors as it makes you look broader.

a girl wearing a blue short dress

Wear vertical striped clothes as it creates an illusion and hides fat.  It creates a visual illusion that makes you look thinner and taller.

a girl wearing a vertical striped tube dress

On the contrary wearing horizontal stripes clothes will make you look even more broad. Stop flaunting it.

a lady wearing a horizontal striped dress

Dresses that have a slimming waist highlights your curves as it fits the waist and gives a slimy effect.

a lady wearing a long black dress with tight waist

Accessorize your outfits as it creates a visual slimming illusion as it hides most of the part and highlight itself.

a girl wearing lots of accessory around her neck

To hide your side fat, one could wear shrugs over a dress or top. 

a girl wearing an orange dress with a blue jacket

Avoid clothes having bigger patterns as it makes you look big.