review of shahid kapoor's Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh to Shahid Kapoor is what DDLJ is to Shahrukh Khan.

Kabir Singh has become a cult movie. It might open floodgates for many such kind of a movies to make its way to the theatre. The movies that might show guts to depict the hero of a movie to be that not so good individual.

Shahid was quite disappointed the way people took him in Padmavat and how people didn’t acknowledge his effort in the movie, had a point to prove to the makers of Padmavat, and he has done that the way even he couldn’t have dreamt off with Kabir Singh.

The movie is creating history on Box Office

The actor has already done some edgy roles in Kaminey, Haider and Udta Punjab. Despite all that, the box office numbers have mostly gone against him But that didn’t repeat this time. The movie has crossed 70cr in 3 days. It become the movie to give Shahid Kapoor his best Box Office opening of 20cr.

This movie is extensively centered to the younger generation of the society, their emotions, aspirations, problems and mindset.

Shahid is playing Kabir Singh who has serious temper issues. The guy thereafter falls in love with a girl and becomes extremely possesive about her. The movie revolves around the love and emotion that the guy and the girl share with each other. Their personal and family issues and how the circumstances leads Kabir Singh to become a self destructing individual.

Although the story is extremely simple, the strength of the movie lies in the performances of the characters. This is certainly one of those movies where the audience might remember the name of the characters and dialogues even days after one has watched the movie.

Looking at the way this movie is going stronger at the box office with each day, it’ll be interesting to witness the final report card of the movie at the box office.

thewordsplay has reviewed the movie and will suggest you to visit the theaters nearby to watch Kabir Singh and witness Shahid Kapoor’s outstanding acting.