YUVRAJ SINGH – The Cancer Survivor

Yuvraj Singh is the best ODI cricketer
Yuvraj Singh is the best ODI cricketer India has ever produced. The real son of the soil, the most celebrated and loved cricketer of the nation. The champion who was the sole reason to India’s victory in 2007 and 2011 world cup.

The warrior who fought cancer and returned back to the field with the same flare. The player who was ready to die on the field while playing for his nation. The lion with whom you can never ever dare to mess because that can cost you six sixes. The son who stood by his mother every time. The man who was so real and genuine that anybody can get along with him.

Yuvraj Singh has given so many moments of joy and excitement to the nation that no matter how many adjectives we gave him or praise him, it will always be way less. The charmer was a star right from the early days. He smashed his way into the Indian International team after receiving the man of the series trophy in the under 19 world cup. He redefined the way ODI is played with his massive sixes and elegant but powerful stroke play. Yuvi has been the most athletic and impactful fielder at the point region and elsewhere on the field as well for India.

It won’t be an over exaggeration if we call him the sole reason for the 2007 T-20 world cup victory and the 2011 ODI world cup triumph as well. It is heartbreaking to even think of him vomiting blood in the change room and coming out on the field smashing every opponent bowlers, taking a wicket and carrying that peculiar Yuvraj Singh attitude. The 2011 world cup was the pinnacle of his cricketing career.

The fight with cancer was a fight he couldn’t have afford to lose. He came out victorious and was hitting the field again trying to make a comeback. The table of the fortune had turned by now and ‘the Yuvraj Singh’ was not given chances at all. Whatever opportunities he got, he lashed onto it but the team management and the selectors kept on dropping him. Anybody who would have been at his place might have quit playing but he kept thriving. Kept hunting for that moment to be on the field and put on the blue jersey that he wore with immense pride.

Finally, he got an opportunity in January 2017 against England, where he scored his highest individual score of 150 runs. But, got left out of the team in the next match. This incident wouldn’t have happened with any of the other cricketer ever but unfortunately, yuvi was on the receiving end. Later he was offered a farewell match by BCCI but that farewell match never happened.

YUVRAJ SINGH is a legend, Yuvraj Singh is the best ODI cricketer, a hero and will always be. The legend did whatever he could have done for the team, the country and for the fans. Now it was our responsibility to acknowledge his work and give him the farewell that a legend like Yuvraj deserved.