Mob Lynching is the most hot topic of discussion in India nowadays. One might find people very easily opposing these acts. But it’ll be very difficult to find anyone talking in favor of such an inhuman act of horror. Before getting into the core of the issue,it is important to understand meaning of Lynch. Mob Lynching in a lay man’s term is an extrajudicial killing by a group.

Mob Lynching as a term was quite prevalent in many countries around the world but was not significant in India. Extreme level of diversity that India has possessed from the past hundreds of years acted as a barrier to it. This term has come into existence in the last few years including the most relevant Junaid Lynching case. It is absolutely the result of the communal hatred.

The hatred that we are talking about is the outcome of the venom that some influential people of the different societies have injected into the emotions and thought process of the common man of the nation. But the positive ray of hope is that the hatred has not reached to the mass of the country except for a few groups.

The propaganda newspapers and media studios in every evening are quite understandably trying to milk the issue as much as they can and are not at all interested in identifying the core of the issue and addressing it . On the contrary, they allow the troublemakers of the society to spread their malicious thoughts from their platforms.

It is the duty of the people of the different communities to address the issues and try to develop a level of harmony within the community and catch hold of the nuisance makers within themselves. Anybody who waiting for the government or the police to do something for them, then they are fooling themselves.

It is not a matter of law and order, it is predominantly about the polluted thought process of an individual. For example, there are laws against rape in the country and elsewhere on the globe as well but the number of rape crimes have never come down, only because of one reason that the mentality of looking at a women as piece of meat is an individual’s personal mindset, and that has to be kept in check by the family member of the boy/man, no law inforcer can correct that by just putting the man behind the bars. Nowhere it has been said has that the criminals/ guilty should be spared, the judiciary has to take the matter and punish the culprit accordingly, but this might not address the main reason for the crime in totality.

Another activity that has caught the attention around is the use of ‘Lord Ram’ in such act of mass horrors. This is not at all accepted by the Hindu society nor the nation. The potshots that other section of individuals are taking on the Hindu God is also unacceptable.

Creating tweets and hastags reading “say no to ram” will only intensify the issues rather than diluting it. The intellectuals of the societies need to act like one and take notice of everything that is happening around them. Thus creating vigilantism in India. Every responsible member of the society must take the initiative on themselves and act for the change. These are the only ways a mass change can occur in the society and thereby in the nation.