girls trying to escpae from the heat wave in new delhi
India facing its driest pre-monsoon spell in 65 years.

Heat wave this summer has reached its pinnacle in the last week of May & June. The intensity of heat has been causing heat strokes to hundreds of people every day. Sun burn and dehydration is well capable to cause heat paranoia among people. People are reluctant to leave their homes unless its essential. Even children are more than happy to stay home rather than playing outside.

We all think the heat wave is killing us but we forget that we are killing ourselves. We have caused this environmental condition with our negligence and selfishness. Environment is the replica of our doings; it gives the fruit of our grown sapling. Humans have behaved reckless with the environment by cutting trees irrationally, by polluting air with monstrous smoke of factories and vehicles and by using air conditioner like fan. All these things have caused global warming to the extent that the entire climatic cycle is distorted making winters chillier, summers extremely hot and monsoon rainier.

All of these does not sound very bad but the fact which is scary is their duration and their timing. Winters arrives in December which was supposed to occur in late October causing the duration to reduce to two months in central India but in Northern India snow fall took place even In March which is so unlikely. Span of summers have increased and the intensity and temperature also break records every year. Monsoon on the other hand arrives late but precipitation is high that it causes floods and landslides in many states like Kerala, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu.

Finally, it is very important that we respect, take care and maintain a balance in the environment. thewordsplay urges every individual in the country to plant trees in their localities to save nature.