How To Make Hand Sanitizer To Fight Coronavirus

How to make hand sanitizer to fight coronavirus flu

Hand sanitizer is the most searched word on google in last few weeks. And We don’t need to tell you why? Everyone around the globe is looking to buy Hand sanitizer, no matter how much they have to pay for it. The demand for it is so high when compared to the stock of hand sanitizer both in stores and online. There is only one reason for it and that is coronavirus. It has become a global flu starting from china and now spreading all around the globe. Even in countries like Iran and Italy, the government has announced it a national epidemic due to the numbers of deaths and large number of suspects.

But you should not worry about the shortage of Hand sanitizers as we will show you how to make hand sanitizers at your own house.

International health agencies like CDC and WHO points out that the best defense against coronavirus is practicing basic hygiene like washing hands regularly and keeping your hand away from face. And Hand sanitizers really helps you rinse germs from your mitts when you can’t get to a sink.

According to CDC and WHO, any sanitizer which have more than 60% alcohol in it, is a viable option to prevent you from coronavirus.

However, keep in mind the fact that Hand sanitizers may not be as effective against visibly dirty and greasy hands. As it do not eliminate 100% of germs. But getting a bottle of hand sanitizer is a really difficult task to achieve in current world scenario.

You don’t need to panic at all as in this write up, we will tell you the steps to make hand sanitizers easily at home.

Ingredients you will need to make Hand sanitizers:

You can get these ingredients easily from amazon and we will even provide you a link for it.

Steps to make Hand Sanitizer

Step 1 – Gently mix the rubbing alcohol (isopropyl), pure aloe vera gel and essential oil in a bowl with the help of a spoon. But be careful to keep alcohol from your skin as it’s a pure form of alcohol.

Step 2 – Put the mixture in an empty bottle with funnel. And your own home made hand sanitizer is ready to use.

See it is so easy to make a hand sanitizer but at the same time you need to be aware of the pure alcohol that you will be using. And do wear a glove before making the mixture.

Finally be safe and try to stay at home as much as possible. And more more such informative content, do follow our website which is “thewordsplay”.