How to Control Hair Falling Out

Hair falling out

Today, the problem of hair falling out is as common as a common cold. Due to increase in pollution and environmental changes it is almost inevitable. Also, harsh chemicals that we use on our scalp and feed our stomach causes hair loss. Our body is just like a machine, in order to work properly all the parts need to work in absolute synchronization and for that to happen we must feed it with required nutrients. Nurturing is also as essential as feeding the body in prevention of hair falling out.  Now, the question arises why does hair fall??

Answer to that question and in the course of our quest of prevention of hair fall we will find all the answers.

Reasons for Hair Falling Out

Calcium deficiency causes hair fall so we should fulfill the body needs. Calcium rich foods include  cow’s milk, curd made out of cow’s milk, loni banana, Amla or Indian gooseberry, papaya, almonds, Petite yellow lentil split ( moong daal), brown or orange lentils (masoor daal),  spinach, Fenugreek (methi), Carrot and Radish.

Hemoglobin deficiency also causes hair fall. Foods that help stop hair fall and increase hemoglobin levels include Banana, Papaya, Petite yellow lentil split (moong daal), brown or orange lentils (massor  daal) , and Jaggery.

How to get rid of Dandruff

Aloe Vera is universally used for various antiseptic properties. It is very beneficial for hair. Applying its liquid get on scalp and hair provides rejuvenation, keeps head cool, reduce dandruff, stops hair falling out. Further it makes hair strong and reverses back the hair ageing process.

Holy Basil or Tulsi plant is beneficial for its medicinal properties. It has innumerable benefits. Tulsi plant occur in two forms:

Ram Tulsi: Light green in color

Shyam Tulsi : Dark green or blackish in color. Shyam Tulsi helps to control hair fall and Dandruff which is one of the major causes of hair fall.

 Now, How to use Tulsi plant?

Well, it is very easy just take 15-20 leaves of the plant and make a paste of it, dilute the paste and apply it on your scalp. This will really help you solve most of your hair related issues.

Why oiling is important?

We often do not treat our scalp well. Everyone is after the texture, color and volume of hair and in that process we neglect the main thing which nourishes our hair which is “SCALP”.

We keep pour scalp dry, itchy, dirty which blocks the pores on the scalp which in return hampers the hair follicles. As a result, hair tends to fall because its roots become weak and dry. How can we combat this problem? The answer is very easy, we need to oil or moisturize or scalp. Oiling hair is ancient and is practiced as a ritual in every house. But today, with our bust schedule we have forgotten our values and practices that we used to share as a family.

Oiling is very important because if scalp is dry it will lead to hair fall. Now, how to control hair falling out? The answer is massaging your scalp at least twice a week.  Another question is which oil to use? Well, one of the best oil in prevention of hair fall is Coconut oil. The market is full of different brands that claim to provide pure coconut oil which is not true, they do add chemicals. If possible buy crude coconut oil if available otherwise buy any good coconut oil of a brand you trust which doesn’t contain liquid paraffin.

Some essential oils to control hair falling out

Sesame seed oil (til ka tel) and Olive oil: Sesame oil is of two types’ white sesame oil and black sesame oil. The black sesame oil is very effective to stop hair fall. It is rich in antioxidants and prevents dandruff. Olive oil also has the same benefits.

Almond oil : Having almond in any form is good for the body, it is full of nutrition. It is very helpful to stop hair fall too. It is rich in antioxidants, helps in blood circulation and nourishes hair follicles.

When to apply oil and how to do it?

Usually, we apply oil very quick before washing our hair. Actually, this is not the right method and time to do it.  The correct method that helps to control hair fall is to apply at night before you go to bed. Why??? To stop hair fall and prevent hair fall it is absolutely necessary to apply oil at night because for oil to work it needs a good blood circulation in head and scalp.

During the day time it is difficult for the body to provide that blood to the head as it is required in other biological processes and activities. But at night when the body is asleep and not worked up, oiling and massaging activates blood circulation and the body provides proper circulation of blood around the scalp.

This nourishes the scalp and provides all the nutrition that was lacking earlier. It boosts the hair follicle and helps to grow baby hair. Further, our body produces approximately 1000 hair per day but due to lack of care most of them fall out. To stop hair fall this technique of massaging is very promising.  It can be practiced by both children and adults.

How to make shampoo at home

Almost every shampoo contains chemicals, there are many herbal shampoos available in the market but does that guarantee that they are 100% natural. Well, we do not know. If someone is looking for a 100% natural alternative then here it is.

Melanin is very important to as it is responsible for our hair growth and hair color both.  Melanin is not present in new born but as they grow and feed upon their mother’s milk they acquire it gradually.  It is then produced everyday till 60-70 years and then its production decreases gradually. Use of shampoo can hamper this process and to retain melanin we can use this herbal shampoo which is easily available and can be prepared at home.

For this, we require 100gm Alma (Indian gooseberry), 200g Reetha (Indian soapberry) 300gm Shikakai (Soap-Pod).  Dry it in sun for 8-10 days. Make powder out of it and store it in a bottle. Next, take 2 spoon of the powder and add 1 cup of water and keep it overnight; then filter the mixture with a muslin cloth or sieve and use the water as shampoo the next day. This is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedy that promotes hair growth, stop hair falling out, regenerates hair and prevents hair ageing.

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