Hong Kong Fighting For Democracy : Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong Protest for self governance from china

The loud shout for democracy is not a new thing for the people of Hong Kong. It started way back during the First Opium War in 1841. Hong Kong Island was ceded as a crown colony to the United Kingdom from the Qing Empire. From that day onward, the question remains the same for the people of Hong Kong, is hong kong a democracy and that’s why the Hong Kong Protest has gain fire over time.

Hong Kong Protest for Democracy

During the second world war, Hong Kong saw a shift in hand holding the leash of control. It was Japan, which captured Hong Kong for three years and eight months. But soon after the end of world war with the massive defeat for Japan, Britain resumed control over Hong Kong in 1945.

There were few hong kong democracy movement during the post-second world war period. Although these fruitless movements ceased to exist without substantial support.

Later in the year 1984, the British and Chinese government signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Under which the sovereignty of Hong Kong should be transferred to the PRC on the 1st of July 1997.

But Hong Kong should enjoy a “high degree autonomy” under one country, two systems principle.

A point to remember is here that the Hongkongers had a pretty strong anti-Beijing mindset right from the 1989 Tiananmen incident.

It’s true that Hong Kong belongs to China, but at the same time, it has own currency, political system, and cultural identity. Due to which people of Hong Kong don’t see themselves as Chinese at all.

This particular difference between both the counterparts Hong Kong and china goes back generations. Even being governed by China, the Hong Kong legal system is still a mirror image of its colonial master ‘Britain’.

This always brings a question in their mind, is hong kong a democracy? And that why hong kong protest.

Hong Kong and China are dubbed under a policy of ” one country, two system”.
People have come on street to protest in HongKong

Under this policy, Hong Kong maintains a de-facto constitution, known as the Hong Kong Basic Law. This law guarantees freedoms that are unavailable to Chinese mainlanders. Freedom such as the right to protest, the right to a free press and freedom of speech.

The Earlier Chinese government and their officials pledged that they will always respect Hong Kong and it’s policies. Although in recent years Beijing has repeatedly reinterpreted the Basic Law.

In the current scenario, it says it has “complete jurisdiction” over Hong Kong which is the biggest reason for hong kong protest.

The basic law states that the people of Hong Kong “shall safeguard the rights and freedoms of the residents” for 50 years after the handover. But many residents of Hong Kong says that mainland China is already starting to encroach on those rights.

This perceived threat to Hong Kong’s rule of law has led to the whole of the hong kong protest which has seen hundreds of protesters arrested so far.

This is the scenario which brings the question, is hong kong a democracy?

In this year 2019, Hong Kong’s summer of protest has seen all kind of huge peaceful marches on the street. There have been strikes from working professionals from different industries.

And with all the peaceful hong kong protest there are also smaller group actions that have ended with clashes and vandalism. One specific part of the peaceful hong kong protest was to put up a banner in the heart of China.

It quotes, “There’s no rioters, there’s only tyranny.”

These protest although began in March, but they kicked off in earnest in June.

The protest sparked by the widespread opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill, which later expanded to demands for full democracy and police accountability.

2019 Hong Kong extradition bill:

Under this extradition bill, the Chinese government is basically trying to gather more control over the people of Hong Kong.

If this bill became a regulation then the Hong Kong government would have to consider requests from any country for the extradition of criminal suspects, even countries with which it doesn’t have an extradition treaty which includes mainland China.

The Controversy behind the extradition bill:

Looking back on the long history of the relationship between the two counterparts Hong Kong and China. It’s very easy to understand that China will completely try to exploit this process for murdering voices ganging up against it.

“The proposed changes that China wants to the extradition laws 2019 will put anyone in Hong Kong doing work related to the mainland at risk,” said Human Rights Watch’s Sophie Richardson in a statement earlier this year.

Because of the bill, “No one will be safe, including activists, human rights lawyers, journalists, and social workers.” Logically everyone who is working for the betterment of Hong Kong.

That is the reason which ignited the fire behind the hong kong protest.

And risen the question, is hong kong a democracy?

On previous Tuesday, the violent outburst at the Hong Kong airport set a newly aggressive tone to the hong kong protest. Reason being the police which is now indulging in a combative manner with the protesters.

Student were thrashed by Government during Hong Kong Protest

Till now many Hongkongers has been temporarily detained.

With the increase in the police brutality, the protest has rather gained a different tone in the past 48 hrs. Yesterday the people of Hong Kong has seen wearing a black eye patch in support of a female protester. She was injured in the eye during a clash with the police who were trying to disperse the crowd.

Five general demands behind the protest:

  • Withdrawal of the extradition bill 2019.
  • The chief executive of Hong Kong, ‘ Carrie lam’ to step down.
  • Inquiry in the police brutality.
  • Arrested people involved in the hong kong democracy movement to be released.
  • Greater democratic freedom for Hong Kong.

Right now, the people of Hong Kong has been facing a lot of problems. Yet they all are willing to go any extent to save their beloved Hong Kong.

Hong Kong protest targeting Airport:

If you have any information regarding the peaceful protest happening in Hong Kong. Then you must be aware of the favoritism towards the Hong Kong airports that the Protester is showing.

During these months of protest, many activists have come to view Hong Kong’s international airport as something of a safe protest space away from the streets.

But after the violence which took place last Tuesday, we thewordsplay think that this airport favoritism might change and took an ugly turn.

And China, as well as the Hong Kong government should be ready for it.

Since there are very strong chances for the hong kong democracy movement to spread like fire in a jungle.