home made hacks for glowing skin

In summers we experience a lot of problems but our skin suffers them most. With growing intensity of sun and its UV rays maintaining a healthy skin is a difficult task. It is very important to protect our skin as the UV rays causes skin darkening, sun burn, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and freckles. A glowing and fresh skin is every girl’s desire in the hot and soaring summer heat. So, lets check out some of the natural and home made hacks for glowing skin in summer.

Some tips to protect opur skin in summer.

Keep your face clean: 
Keeping face clean by washing it with water.

Always keep your face clean which is the most basic and important thing in skin care routine. Use a mild face wash to clean your face. Only skin requires more cleansing than dry skin as oily skin has more skin pores that accumulates dirt which causes Acne.

Apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun:
sunscreen creme to protect skin from sunburn.

  Another vital requirement of skin is a good sunscreen creme or gel with SPF35 and above. Sunscreen protect our skin from the harmful ultra violet radiation of sun which is a major cause of pigmentation, sun burn, freckles and wrinkles.

Drink lots of water:
 A glass of water to keep hydrated in summer.

In summers, it is extremely essential to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water keeps our skin hydrated which helps to flush toxins from skin. One must drink an average of eight liters of water every day.

Keep your skin moisturized:
Moisturizing the skin to keep it moist .

Summers also needs moisturizing creams but a light and non-greasy one. It keeps the skin moisture intact and protect it from heat.

Add antioxidant to your diet and skin care routine:
Oranges and grapes to complete antioxidant rich diet.

A healthy body can only build a healthy skin. So, its important to eat antioxidant rich diet. One must eat citrus fruit, drink lots of juices, green vegetables, nuts as it produces collagen that protects the skin and makes the skin look younger.