Formal Wears For Men- Top 10 Tips For Mens Formal Wear Styles

Men deserve the best and that's why thewordsplay have made a guide for the formal wears for men

Earlier a well dressed man used to be the one who wore formal dresses and acted truly like a gentleman. Is it the same today? In current scenario ‘Formal wears for men’ have totally become an office attire, nothing more than that.

Nowadays, sports clothing and casual wear have taken the place which was once owned by formal dress for boys and men separately, but one thing is unanimously same for everyone i.e the eagerness to know about mens formal wear styles.

We’ve seen it rise and fall in popularity over the years, but it never completely vanished from the world. In some ways or the other, it keeps on coming back majorly as dress code. As in the form of ‘Formal dress for interview’ and even with those official parties which makes you google for ‘Formal pant for men’. Remember?

Think over it?

What if I say that you don’t even realize that you are wearing a formal attire unknowingly. That’s true. Brands and designer’s all around the globe have evolved and they have revolutionized fashion too. By leaving the classic formal attire, they have put “Mens formal wear styles” on the map globally.

They have made a space for formal wears for men to breathe and made a new identity without loosing their essence.

If we go a few years back, mens formal wear styles equation was simple. A suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, smart shoes, done. We were missing a little improvisation.

Actually we were scared to change anything in the classic formal clothing style. But fashion is something which one can never contain or you can say it’s contagious.

So, this guide will help you understand the changes which is happening in mens formal wear styles. And you will also get to know about mens formal wear color combinations.

Formal shirts For Men :

Peter England shirts for formal wears for men.

Men always prefer shirts above a well suited getup and it’s been like this for decades. That’s why formal shirts have been seen in men’s wardrobe.

Often to bring a formal look, men wear a full normal fitting shirt with a pair of formal pants for men with a leather belt.

But with time, formal shirts for men have evolved dramatically. Today casual shirts for men is the new formal. And the reason is comfort as the classic formal shirts are pretty loose in fitting.

The basic change we are seeing is that men are wearing a shirt that fits them properly in the neck, sleeves, chest, and stomach. By this they are not only standing out but they are improving their appearance dramatically.

We will suggest you to try Apple cut shirts and even Peter England formal shirts, as they are up to the mark along with that they will provide you the comfort that you wants to see in your shirts.

Formal Trousers For Men :

Cropped pants for men.

Shirts are important but without a right pair of trousers they are totally incomplete. The right pair of trousers for boys or men can be the most powerful item you wear, but getting it wrong will instantly dull the shine of the trending pieces you spent so long chasing.

Nowadays, men often tend to wear jeans below a shirt for the umpteenth time as they feel safe but believe me there is a whole wardrobe full of top-notch casual trousers for men that’ll look just as sleek given half the chance. 

We will suggest you to try cropped trouser for once. We are not exaggerating but you are going to love them. They are not like the old formal ones but they are new, trendy as well as sleek.

Cropped trousers are a great way to spice up what can be a tired formal pant for men.

Disclaimer: by cropped trousers, we mean shorter than your average, displaying a sliver of ankle or sock. We are not talking about pantaloons.

Formal Suits For Men:

Suit which can make a men into a gentleman.

Suits are something which separate men from boys. There are a few men who wish to own a wardrobe full of suits someday. We thewordsplay would love to tell you that there are a wide range of suits available for you to choose from.

Just select an occasion and you will find a suit suitable for it. No matter whether you want to buy men’s suits for wedding or casual suits, there are various option for it.

But you have to understand, which will be the perfect suit for you.

Let’s talk about top 3 suits in brief.
The Classic Two-button suit:

Most men around the globe prefer two-button because it suits most of the body types. And is the one, most men are familiar with.

two-button suits for formal wears for men

If you are on the healthier side then believe me this is the suit perfect for you. It’s more forgiving. It accentuates most body types. That’s why most men lean toward this choice.

Three-Button Suits:

These types of suits are perfect for those men who are lean and have an athletic build. 

Three-button suits

For better comfort, what you can do is that you can unbutton the bottom one, but never the other two.

The three-button suits are more formal than the rest of them.
Casual Summer Suit:

These suits are mostly worn in the summer season by working men who have to attend a lot of meetings no matter what’s the weather outside.

Summer suits for men.

There is no harm in dressing with a touch of formality.

These are mostly one-button suits and a perfect fit for whoever are fit and healthy. That’s the best part about summer suits, they never discriminate. And these summer suits gives you the freedom to ditch your shirts for a nice round neck t-shirts.

Now guys let me tell you a secret. Formal wears for men is not all about shirts, trousers and suits. Mens formal wear styles also go a notch higher with the type of accessories you opt for.

Remember, you can dress in the best of clothes but still look unappealing. Looking good is not always about wearing perfect clothes, it’s also about how you maintain yourself .

We know wearing accessories is a daunting task in itself. With that being said, accessioning is just as important for men as it is to woman. The right kind of accessories can take you from simple to smart in just an instant.

So here is your cheat sheet to accessories for men:


Ties have gained an important part in completing the modern day formal wears for men. You have to keep one thing in mind that your tie should be simple and should complement your suit at the same time.

Maroon tie for formal wears for men

For example, a maroon tie always go well and look classy with a black suit.


Cuff-links are something which adds to your professional look. They have a wide variety in color as well as material. Just keep in mind two things while wearing a cuff link:

Cuff links of silver color.
  1. Shirt color and cuff link should never contradict each other.
  2. Your safest bets are silver, white, black and blue. But the most classic designs are pure silver or black and silver with crystals.

Wrist watch:

For a formal look, a man should always invest in a good wrist watch. Nothing more than that. Basically there are only two rules to wear a wrist watch over a formal attire.

Classic Rolex watch for formal wears for men

1.Never wear a sports watch with your formals.

2.Always go for a simple yet classic watch like Rolex with a leather strap to go with your formal suits.


If you think that your shoes will be the last thing that a person would notice, then you are completely wrong.

Brown tan shoes for men

A formal wear for men is complete only when you wear a right pair of shoes with it.

You can either go for a Black shoe or Brown and Tan shoe.

At the very end of this guide, We just want to give you one small suggestion.
Make your own style and get comfortable with it.