Food Items To Eat In Lockdown Amid Coronavirus In India

Food Items To Eat In Lockdown Amid Coronavirus In India

Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (covid-19), the word lockdown sounds so familiar. A virus which started to show its color from china and later on spreading to 190 counties worldwide.  Leaving the government and health organization like WHO with just one option i.e. Quarantine ultimately leading to lockdown amid Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a lockdown condition, you all want to limit or avoid your frequent trips to the grocery store. But is it possible to do that in a place like India where canned food is not an option at all.

You won’t believe me but before writing this informative write up, I went on and did a thorough research. Ans find out about the food items which World Health Organization (WHO) are suggesting. And it surprised me completely.

WHO has never specified this simple thing. And even the rest of the articles from various website as well as health agencies have nothing in common. Mostly the variation in the food items is due to the environment in which the writers of those articles are living.

Now here comes the main question?

As today, 75 districts along with 5 union territories from the various corners of India have declared that they are going under lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Including the capital of India, Delhi.

However, Luv Aggarwal (Joint secretary of Health Ministry), during his press conference on Sunday didn’t uttered a single word about the diet, a person should take in this lockdown.

Okkey, I understand that we Indians know about our food habit. What could a good diet consist of but briefing on this is kind of the duty of Indian Health Ministry.

Now the question is that, does everyone in India knows about what a good and healthy diet should have? Seriously, I don’t think so and you all can agree with me on that.

So, let’s try to find out the best food to buy when you know that you are going too stuck at home or atleast don’t want to go outside often. The question in India is not about having a nutritious diet, it’s about having a balanced diet to keep your immune system in a top condition. Since having a good immunity is one of the most important things to fight Coronavirus (covid-19).

Down below is a list of food items that are not only nutritious but balanced too. These food items can be eaten solo or can be combined to make a delicious and healthy meal which will boost your immunity for sure.

Although remember that you don’t need to stock food items as according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there is a sufficient amount of food supply available for everyone in this lockdown amid coronavirus (Covid-19). And also as a human being, it’s our responsibility to consider the needs of others too.

Food Items to Buy In a Lock Down Amid Coronavirus

  • Rice
  • Pulses of all type (Chana daal, Moong Daal, Arhar Daal, Masoor Dal etc)
  • Poha
  • Potato
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Fresh vegetables and store them in your freezer but buy only for 3-4 days and then buy again for the same amount of days
  • Atta (Wheat flour)
  • Suji
  • Rice Flakes
  • Rajma (Kidney Beans)
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Fruits which have an outer skin to peel ( Banana, Oranges, Melon etc)
But always remember there are 130 crores mouth to feed, so please don’t stock food items. Care for yourselves but do care for others too.

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