Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme – The Return Of The Old Prodigy

Delhi's Odd-Even Scheme, will it work this time

Right after the Diwali, the smoke has again completely covered the sky of the capital of the world’s largest democracy i.e, India. And like the past few years, the only solution that the Government of Delhi could come up was the same. The return of the old prodigy, we mean Delhi’s Odd-Even scheme.

That means we will be seeing, Delhi’s odd-even scheme in action from Monday onwards. But the point worthy to be notified is the question that everyone wants to ask.

Why does the government needs to impose the odd-even scheme every year?

Is there no other solution to fight this smoke problem.

There are certain points which are way too necessary to mention here like the fact that the Government of Delhi and the Government at the center are not in sync.

They are not even ready to work together even after knowing the consequences. Because of that, people living in Delhi are forced to live in a smoke chamber. While the politicians are free to leave the city and go on a vacation somewhere.

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What Is The Outsource Of Smoke In Delhi

There are many different reasons responsible for smoke pollution in Delhi. Let’s get into the detail of it and try to find some valid reason.

  • Since Delhi NCR region shares it’s boundaries with states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. One of the basic reasons for increasing air pollution levels in Delhi is crop burning by the farmers in these states. Farmers of these states burn rice stubbles and all that smoke coming from it moves towards the capital region making it into a gas chamber. Approximately 35 million tonnes of crop are set afire by these states in the month of October-November.
  • Large scale construction is another reason for increasing air pollution in Delhi. But the Delhi government is not at all interested in making some efforts towards this. They just want to give the people of Delhi a lollipop of the Odd-Even scheme.
  • Garbage dumps, as well as Industrial pollution are also increasing air pollution and building up smog in the air.
  • There is one particular reason which is totally because of the citizens of Delhi which is crackers. Despite it’s complete ban this year, we could see some places where firecrackers were easily accessible leading to an another Diwali with crackers. In this case one cannot blame the government, you are the actual culprit here. But lightning crackers is not the top reason for this smog/smoke.
  • Another reason is the over – population leading to the increasing number of vehicle on road. Right now in Delhi, a common family of 3-4 person has 2-3 different types of vehicles.

Government Initiatives To Curb Air Pollution In Delhi

Till date, the Government of Delhi has taken some small steps like sprinkling water on roads and trees etc.

But these steps are not big enough to make a change to help the people of Delhi. Other than that they have taken one more step which they thought of it as a magic wand “Odd-Even scheme”.

These politicians especially the Chief Minister Of Delhi thinks it as the best solution which can bring any changes and solve this problem magically within some hours.

By doing this he is actually showing his problem solving and tactical level are way down even below the groundwater level in Delhi. Reason being Delhi’s odd-even scheme can be a precautionary method but can’t be a solution.

Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme

Under the odd-even scheme, private cars with numbers ending with a odd digit are allowed to use their cars only on Odd dates of the month. And just like that, cars ending with even digit will ply on even dates of the month.

Was The Odd-Even Scheme A Success In Delhi

Previously the Odd-Even scheme has been implemented two times in the capital of India by the same government to help the people residing there.

So, was it a success?

We don’t agree with that nor the research studies done after the Odd-Even.

According to a research paper, published in the journal, current sciences indicate that Delhi’s odd-even scheme didn’t result in a reduction of vehicular emissions rather than that there was an overall increase in emissions. It has found a significant increase in the median concentration of the gases, measured from the air samples.

In laymen’s language, it means that there was an increase in the number of vehicles on road.

The study has been done from trusted places like the Ministry of Earth Sciences, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) etc, which makes the published journal a trustworthy one.

Odd-Even Scheme 2019

This year Delhi’s odd-even scheme will be applicable from November 4 to November 15, from 8 AM to 8 PM, except on Sundays.


In this edition of the odd-even scheme, there are some changes with the penalty. Those who found guilty of violating the scheme will be fined Rs.4000. In the past years, the penalty was of Rs.2000.

Vehicles exempted from the Odd-Even

Exempted peoples are the ones driving two-wheelers, people with any disabilities, cars with children inside in school uniforms and people travelling towards the Hospital.

Women’s who are driving alone or with children below the age of 12 are also exempted from the Odd-Even scheme.

And all the top-level government officials are exempted from this scheme including the politicians. Since they are born from a VIP tag.

Arrangements Done By The Government

This year for a change, the government have tried to make some arrangement to provide some level of comfort to the people.

Like Ola and Uber will not impose surge pricing on customers between November 4 to November 15. Even the Delhi Government has asked the private bus operators to jump in and help during the Odd-even scheme. Apart from them, kejriwal has also requested autorickshaws and e-rickshaws to not over-charge commuters.


It will be really interesting to see how the Odd-Even scheme will work this year. Basically even on paper, this scheme is not looking that strong to curb pollution.

Just on the previous Sunday afternoon, the pollution level in Delhi has gone way above the danger level mark. So, we at thewordsplay don’t believe that this scheme will change the scenario magically or it will do any good at all.

There are better ways available to solve this problem rather than going to the method which has failed miserably in past.

But no one can understand the mind of a politician, how good and dirty it can be.

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