A Ray Of Hope- story of a Child Labour

kids working as child labour on roadside
We at thewordsplay are trying to portray the life of a suffering kid. The boy was picked up from his place and was made to work as a child labour. We trying to understand and convey his emotions and the level of hardship that the buy is forced to go through.

I was young when they brought me here, way too young to get separated from my family. I remember that evening like yesterday when I opened my eyes to realize that I am far from home . It took me number of days and nights to believe that the forehand of the angels have vanished in blues. Leaving me to fight alone the difficulties of life which had changed drastically that evening.
On the first day itself, I was made aware of the situation I was in along with the place. It was a long corridor with a huge table in the center starting from the one end to another. All the child labour sat on both side of the table keeping a hand distance.

There was a unique thing which instantly caught my eyes. One won’t believe above the table dozens of bulbs were hanging from sealing. I never got the chance to count them but there must be more than thirty bulbs which replaced the sun in our life.

I was shown a place to sit with others. Then a man with a huge mustache came up to me and showed me the way to make a firecracker and passed it to the girl sitting next to me who was keeping it in a carton. After showing me the way, he tapped my head and told me to work properly. I tried to talk to the girl sitting beside me, at first she ignored but later she started talking. She told me that she was also brought here in an exactly same manner as I have.

Suddenly a man keeping an eye on all of us, saw us talking. He walked up to us and slapped the girl in her face. Spared me as it was the first day of mine in that dingy corridor but he told the girl that she is not getting any food tonight. He turned staring into my eyes and he was about to say something when all of a sudden a boy fainted.

All of the man who was there to make us work ran towards the boy and dragged him to a room in the corner. I noticed his bones peeking through his flesh along with the burns on his hand. I could have noticed a bit more about the boy but a light falling on my right hand brought all my senses to find where the light was coming from. It was coming from on a hole on the other side of the wall. I remember the first time when I saw that light, it was so soothing to my eyes and a ray of hope to see my family again.

After hours of sitting and working, they called all of us to eat. Everyone stood up and formed a queue. I also took a place leaving the girl behind who was not getting any food because of me. When my turn came up, the man standing there handed over a steel plate and the other put a scoop of khichdi onto my plate. Although it did not taste good, I ate it completely. After coming back to the table I saw the girl eating the glue that she used to make the fireworks. And while watching her from a distant, I saw a white liquid coming from her mouth.

The people running the factory added poison to the glue to ensure that the kids do not eat the same. The girl died in front of my eyes. I still regret the moment I talked to her.

Later on, this became a daily routine for me, waking up in the morning and working throughout the day. Whenever I got some spare time, I was sitting in front of the hole hoping for some miracle to happen. The light coming from the hole was a ray of hope for me. I had a dream of uniting again with my family. A year after my dream came true.

I hope that my family recognizes and accepts me in their life. After all, I am not the same kid, those people abducted a way back.