Bigg Boss Season 13

when compared to other season of bigg boss, this year's Bigg Boss Season 13 is looking completely dull and less entertaining

Bigg Boss season 13 is the most popular reality tv show in India. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity. The first episode of Bigg Boss was aired  in 2006 where Arshad Warsi  was the host of the show. Later on big names like Amitabh Bachachan and Shilpa Shetty also hosted the show but the show reached the pinnacle of popularity when Salman Khan started hosting the show.

Bigg Boss is a place where some get immense popularity and get a kick start in their careers whereas there are some who just show their real faces to the audiences and ruin their career on screen.

From friends to enemies and enemies to onscreen lovers bigg boss season 13 have seen it all.

It seems like Season 13 has nothing but Siddhart Shukla as a star attraction. The entire house just revolves around Shukla making him the sun of Big Boss house season 13. He is a complete package and is showcasing all the colors required to get the Trp right. Being master mind of the group he is running the entire show on his shoulders by showing all his sides like friendship, loyality, aggresive fights and now his cute side too.

Siddhart knows how to steal the camera’s attention.

Earlier, he was making a love angle with Sana which was working fine but did not attract too much of attention. But now,  Shukla and Debolina has lit a fire of love-hate relation which is actually looking CUTE… Audience is really liking this aankho ki gustakiyaaa…. and their cute flirting because frankly speaking every day fights had become quite monotonus and had actually derailed the interest from the show.

Now, the Shukla has made the story line very interesting for the people. The love triangle Shukla-Debolina-Sana is showing a lot of cheezy moments that are as good as a hindi romantic movie with a plot.

Shukla has loadoos in both hands, he is flirting effortlessly with both the girls knowing that, this is his chance to change his perseption infront of audience. His angry man’s image is changing slowly both inside the house and outside aswell. Not to forget, it is a game and Sid is the player of S13. He is not leaving any stone unturned to become the winner. Why not?After all, his is doing what the show requires.

On the other hand, Rashmi is too lost and its high time that she  wakes up. Paras, Mahira, Sana and Debolina have taken enough adavntage of her. She needs to understnd that its a game and everbody is playing for themselves and its time for her to take a stand for herself. Mahira on the other hand is the third wheel and a quite useless one. She has no stand, no logic but a squeekly voice which nobody wishes to hear. Only god knows what is her MASLA. She definately did not deserve to enter the the second month but thanks to Paras for becomming his Vikram and carrying her as Betaal to the top six.

New members are not quiet promising as thought as they have joined respective ‘GROUPS’ and haven’t come out of their shells. Guys please play, we are not looking for some classroom groups children have in school. So, wake up! and play and don’t already give the Bigg Boss season 13 trophy to Shiddhart Shukla without even giving a shot.

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