Best Shoes For Men In Rainy Season

Boots for men in rainy season

Rains have arrived in most part of the world and the various kinds of problem associated with it. And determining the best shoes for men in rainy season is the least discussed topic.

Particularly, rains and Shoes haven’t shared a cordial relationship with each other since the ancient time. Hence, most men goes for a Sandal rather than a costly shoe both for office use and normal use. But, they aren’t the ideal choice, while talking about offices especially the MNC’s which have a wide set of rules for their staff.

Looking into the current scenario of the Shoe industry, that problem is of past. If you broaden your views and take towards your shoes. You will come across a wide range of trendy shoes to wear in rainy season.

The intention of “thewordsplay” is exactly that with this piece to determine the shoes for men in rainy season.

The earliest know rainy shoes in the world can be tracked to the original wellington in the 19th century. These shoes were a sign of craftsmanship. Rubber came into this boots Scenario in 1853 by Hiram Hutchinson. By this time, the process of manufacturing Wellingtons got incredibly cheap. So, it soon became popular among farmers, soldiers in the world wars and eventually, the common populace.

Since then, there is a visible increase in the shoe’s option for men during rainy season. Today, there are different types of shoes for different needs people have in the monsoon. Let’s go through some of the popular types to figure what’s makes them ideal for the rains.


Sneakers were never meant to be rain friendly as it tends to be soaked and smelly during the rains. But the things have changed, even for a Sneaker lover. As now they can enjoy with there sneaker made from waterproof materials, they come up to the ankle and feature subtle colors. One glance at them and it can be difficult to tell the difference.


Bata have surely gave an edge to this game by making classic shoes suitable for rain. Especially in sub-continent where Bata is one of the biggest Shoe selling brand, there newest edition have given them a certain edge against their competitors. Made up of rubber and with a price range of less than 1000 bucks, they have completely taken over the market.

Classic Wellingtons/Rain Boots

They are the first and the perfect footwear to go out in rains. There are tall and short variants, each with their own set of advantages, Tall wellingtons look great, but most would find more comfort with shorter ones. They are the go to shoes, when it is raining outside like cats and dogs. What you can do is, you can pack an extra pair of formal shoes or any other for work, while you are fighting rain with the Wellingtons.

Waterproof Leather Boots

They have a rugged style to them while still having a high-end appeal. They are ideal for casual meetings and can even suit the casual office environment.

Waterproof Leather Shoes

Those who wish to look a bit rough without spending much can any day go for a waterproof leather shoes. There are many pocket-friendly alternatives made from water-resistant materials like synthetic leathers or gortex. The only aspect which you have to keep in mind is that the shoes should provide decent traction on the soles.

As you have noticed by this article that there are varied numbers of shoes option for you during rainy season. You just have to be smart enough to understand your needs and your pocket before buying one. If not, then you can always head back to get help from thewordsplay.

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