When talking about the Best Laptop under 50000, thewordsplay is taking various factors under consideration. The price factor, the features of the device, the after sales supports and the built quality.

A few Laptop companies are fighting it out hard in the below 50000 price point. Lenovo, HP and Dell are the old players who have been around in the Indian market. The new ones have also breached through the market including Azus and Acer. Macbooks are still not available under the 50000 price range, so we are not going to talk about them.

Before naming the best laptop under 50000, we have done detailed review of devices available in Indian market. The devices include Dell Inspiron 5575, Dell Vostro 3578, HP 15-B5180TX, Lenovo Ideapad 330 and Acer spin 5.

Naming one laptop to be the best is certainly a cliche. But we are compelled to do it after such detailed research. People everyday keep searching on the web about the best laptop and reviewers are promptly pushing them towards the companies that have the worst after sales support (we won’t name the brands).

According to theWordsplay team the best laptop under 50,000 in India is Lenovo Ideapad 330s.

Lenovo Ideapad 330s sporst a 15.6 inch display with an anti glare full HD screen. The screen is bright and vibrant producing good color contrast. The laptop has very thin bezel which improves the screen appearance.

Keyboard is well organised with separate number keys. The most significant feature of the keyboard is the presence of back lit keys. This feature is very rare in below 50,000 devices. The back lit keys provides the X-factor to this laptop and increases its selling point. The keys are chiclet keys which is quite standard in all devices.

The body of the laptop has a brushes metal finish which improves it’s outer appearance.

The exhaust fans are positioned very aptly in the device to reduce the generated heat from the board. The grills of the exhaust are placed differently on this device.

The device comes with an i3 8gen, i5 8 gen and i7 8 gen processor respectively. Processors are quad core processors.

The variants of the device are available in 4gb onboard DDR4 ram with options of 4gb+8gb/4gb/2gb/SODIMM.

The variants have 3 graphic card options. Nvidia, GTX1050, AM Radeon 535 and AM Radeon 530 respectively.

All the variants comes with Windows 10 pre-installed.

The battery on the device is very effective, the laptop provides a 7-8 hrs battery backup, which is excellent. Many reviewer might fool you by saying the battery backup of any device with a 7-8hrs backup is very less but th fact lies that there are hardly any device in the market under 50,000 providing more than 5-7 hrs backup.

The team at thewordsplay strongly believe that Lenovo Ideapad 330s is a worth buy under the 50,000 price point. The team has thoroughly used the device for a week and has gathered the workplace limitations and benefits of the device. Hence, we recommend Lenovo Ideapad 330s to everyone who is looking for a device under 50,000.