Beauty Tips To Follow In Lockdown

Beauty tips to follow in lockdown amid coronavirus

Beauty Tips to follow in lockdown is a rather necessary thing to do. Why? Let all of us be real. No one has ever be home for thins long. Though people might find it good for skin but that is not the truth. When we stay at home we are away from sun which is essential for our body. Also, we tend to accumulate dirt and oil in our skin pores. Now, one might wonder how can possibly dirt exist at home. so, the answer to that is Yes. Dirt is every where, even behind the close doors; one can test it by looking at the drawers which are always closed in a house but still have dirt.

So, girls if you think that your skin will glow and would look fresh like never before. Then let us tell you that you will be disappointed with this lockdown. Instead get up and take care of your skin as you have ample of time to take care of it. Anyways this lockdown is boring so why not make the most of it. After all following beauty tips in this lockdown is interesting and well required in need.

Let us admit the fact that applying make up is our favorite thing which also damages our skin. Since, now we are lockdown at home without make up, we have time to replenish our skin. Like our earth is healing, our skin needs to heal too.

Let us begin with some basic Beauty Tips that are absolutely natural skin replenishing treatment.

Moisturize it with Aloe Vera

To begin with, applying Aloe Vera daily is something one should add it to their every day routine. But as we are so much busy with our daily life this is our fair chance to use some Beauty Tips for our skin.

Aloe Vera is an excellent plant that work wonders for skin rejuvenation. Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and anti bacterial properties that helps skin to repair and prevents acne. Further, it diminishes the acne scars that are tough to get rid off. Also, it helps in bringing even tone skin; removing all the blemishes that cosmetic creams could not.

Aloe Vera slows down the skin ageing that occurs due to dryness. It moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also helps in skin tightening which most of the alleged cosmetic brand claim but fail to propel. Further, Aloe Vera is quiet promising in reducing open pores which is an absolute problem that every girl faces.

Heal It with Potatoes

Now, who doesn’t have potatoes in their kitchen. Potato is one such ingredient that we use in our kitchen on a daily basis. Women can now cook and take care of their skin simultaneously in this lockdown.

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B and C which helps in skin brightening. Potatoes also improve skin quality and reduces wrinkles. Further, it helps in reducing blemishes and skin tan. It also helps to even out our skin by lightening scars, freckles and sun burn. One can simply cut a potato into slices and apply it evenly on your face, as it brightens your skin it will lighten your facial hair too. Furthermore, one can crush potatoes and use its juice with any face pack. The pack will not only tighten your skin but it will brighten it as well; giving you that even toned skin.

Repair it with Papaya

Our favorite Papaya is known for maintaining a good digestive system but it works wonder for your skin too!!!

It is a rich source of powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. Papaya is also rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium. It helps in reducing unwanted hair, exfoliates dead skin cells, repair damaged skin. Just like Aloe Vera, Papaya is also know for moisturizing dry skin, removing blemishes. It gives you that perfect glowing skin you always wanted without make up. Noticeable results can be seen within a week.

Spice it with Lemon

Lemon is another such ingredient that is readily available in our kitchen. It is an excellent antioxidant that helps in weight loose but works like magic for skin as well.

Also, Lemon is rich in vitamin C and proves to be a good antioxidant. It helps in removing blemishes or dark patches. It also nourishes skin, removes skin tanning and dark spots. Lemon can also be used as a skin astringent as it helps motivate our pores to close and face to tighten which results in a healthy and smoother skin.

Tangy twist with Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit which is eaten as a vegetable. It is used in every kind of cooking from Indian to Italian to Western. But is that it? No Tomatoes have numerous skin care benefits. It is an amazing Beauty Tip from olden times.

Tomato is one of the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene which helps to fight cancer. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. It plays a vital and effective role in skin lightening, clearing blemishes and lightening of facial hair. Vitamin C in tomatoes helps the skin to generate new cells. It is repairs wounds and promotes healing. Tomatoes also act as a protecting shield against UV radiations and Sun Burn. So, one should consume tomatoes and apply it while cooking in this lockdown.

Lockdown is necessary step that we as an individual should practice in this hard times. Staying at home and social distancing is the least we can do for our country. Let us stay home and stay safe. Foe latest news and more Beauty Tips stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to