5 Winter Jackets A Men Must Have

Here we have top 5 clothing essential for men to put it in their mens winter style guuide

A jacket is like that clothing essential of your wardrobe which no man can ever have enough of. Like shoes or watches, they comes in plenty of variation, same thing goes with a Jacket. Because of the fact that for every season you have different styles of Jackets. Here in our mens winter style guide, we will be talking about the winter jackets.

Tell me, what comes to your mind when you think of winter jackets. Bulky fluffy jackets, comes in either extremely bright or super dull colors, making you look like a stupid. Am I right?

It is so because of the fact that many men don’t know about the type of winter clothes for men available in the market. And this is also the secret behind their five minute shopping.

You know there is a stereotype behind jackets. Like they are meant to be worn by young bloods or rebel who don’t give a shit to the society. Especially in Asian countries sweaters and coats are a sign of sophistication whereas Jackets are for bad element which is all wrong.

And the reason behind these stereotype is the fact that they don’t know about the variations presents in Jackets. Keep in mind, these are the same people who have a very limited knowledge about winter clothes for men.

Remember this line that you can dress for a winter weather and remain stylish at the same time. For that your best friend needs to be a jacket.

So, what are waiting for?

Let’s dig in to find the 5 winter jackets a men must have through thewordsplay mens winter style guide:


An elegant style topcoat for men to keep himself warm and stylish at the same time

One of the most traditional as well as a stylish clothing for a men’s wardrobe. A topcoat which lands just above the knees with a very closer fit is an excellent choice to stay warm and at the same time reasonably fashionable.

Started as a apparel to be worn over a suit and was made up of wool with a sleek silhouette.

But in current time, you can easily fuse your topcoat alongside an informal clothing. Like you can wear it over your dark toned jeans with a light color woolen shirt. And to provide you that gentleman look, you can match the attire with an Oxford shoes.

The latest incarnation of a topcoat is way different from the Victorian old one as the current one feature straight, slim fits that bring the whiff of polished.

And topcoat is such a thing that it can be paired with even a joggers, if you are brave enough to do so.

Approx price range of a Topcoat – 7000 Inr

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets for men to style in winter season

The classic bomber is a US military jacket created during the World War II to provide the soldier a close to body fit and warmness at high altitudes. That’s the basic reason of it mostly being made of sheep skin but in modern times synthetic leathers are used to made bombers jacket.

Nowadays, only the costliest ones are made up of leather.

The best way to wear a bomber is to throw on with a black/blue denim and a t-shirt in the early days of the winter. For the rest of the winter, you can prefer a bomber with more robust like, such as shearling. These type of bomber will keep you warm as well as stylish.

Approx price range of a Bomber Jacket – 1500-2000 Inr

Moto Jacket

Moto jacket for men to style in winter season

It is a kind of jacket which people normally relate with a biker. But this contradiction need to be changed, as you don’t need a bike to rock a jacket like this. What you need is an attitude enough to flaunt your style.

And a sense to not wear it on a trouser or a jogger. The only best way to rock a Moto Jacket is to wear it on a neutral jeans with leather boots.

Approx price range of a Moto Jacket – 5000 Inr

The Varsity Jacket

Varsity jacket for men to style in winter season

The letterman jacket also known as Varsity jacket wasn’t a jacket at all. It was a thick knit sweater that players use to wore as uniforms. The best thing about this Jacket is that it can adapt well to just about any type of look when you style it correctly.

You can wear it on casual coffee dates as well as in corporate offices. So, this is that type of jacket which provides you comfort no matter what the occasion is.

Approx price range of a Moto Jacket – 2000-3000 Inr

Puffer Jacket

Puffer jacket for men to style in winter season

Puffer jackets are the most newest addition to the jacket family and quite a trendy one too. The idea behind this jacket was to find something which can insulate against extreme weather and still stay dry.

Today military all around the world find these jackets very helpful but the question is, can they find a place in your wardrobe?

Yes they are a perfect fit for your Mens wardrobe due to the fact that they can make you feel so warm. And at the same time, can provide you that rigid look that some men looks for. You can style them over some shirts and boots.

Approx price range of a puffer jacket – 1000-2000 Inr

These are the top 5 winter jacket a man must have in his Mens winter style guide to face any kind of chilling or normal winter.

These winter jackets will keep you warm and stylish throughout this winter 2021.