Sneakers are the best get away in every conditions. Earlier they were quite confined to the specific outfits only but nowadays people have accepted it to be the semi-casual shoes. If somebody is able to style it well with any stuff ( winter or the summer outfits) , can surely pull them off.

The best stuffs that gel well with the sneakers are denim jeans, around neck t-shirts, a sporty watch. And if one is wearing it for an event can surely wear a stylish jacket on the top to complete his look.

One shouldn’t be too brand conscious with sneakers shopping. Buy adidas, nike air, air jordans , tom ford sneakers, any brand that pops your personality out and fits you the best.

Nike Air Jordon shoes with white and red color combination to suit the casual/semi casual attire.


Loafers are the most good to go shoes for formal events. The loafers match perfectly with all formal dresses. Be it the formal long collar shirts with a sleak pair of trouser or a mandrin collar shirt with a pair of chinos, the loafers creates the perfect combo. A stylish 2 button jacket could be the last thing one might like to add to complete look. All the best leather shoe brands in world are manufacturing them.

Classic brown leather Loafers to suit the formal look.


Boots are the best hardcore stuff a man would want to have in his wardrobe. It can be paired with so many varied outfits. One can wear a nice skin hugging t-shirt with a nice pair of jeans and the ankle length boots to be carry off one’s rough look.

A leather jacket over the t-shirt might add that wow factor to the look, and would make the look 100% complete. Be it a chukka boots or a chelsea boots, all of them highlights that manly part in you.

The evergreen tan chukka boot to suit all kind of casual, formal or semi formal attire.


The single strap/double strap monk shoes are the gangstas of the shoes arena. The high quality monks can grab eyeballs of hundred of people at any event or even while casually walking on the road.

These shoes call themselves out loud anywhere. One can wear them on chinos, jeans, trousers, anything. They are the boss of the shoe world. Anyone can experiment with the monks, they are ought to look great everywhere.

The brown leather double strap monk leather shoes for all dressing styles.

5. Derby

Derbys have been in fashion for so many decades. The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s have all seen the craze for the derby shoes. The derby shoes have evolved the most among the rest.

There are a lot of mix and match that the companies have tried doing with derby. If one is getting the shoes stitched from any boutique, then can try to mix the color combination of the leather to create an unique pair of shoes, e.g black leather upper with textured white leather .The derbys are mainly the office brunch or an event kind of shoes. But the swag of the shoes itself is amazing and eye catchy.

The classic black and textured derby shoes for the time outs and events.