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Fire broke out at Delhi's Anaj Mandi in North Delhi
45 Dead In Massive Fire In Delhi’s Anaj Mandi

A massive fire broke out in Delhi’s Anaj mandi area on sunday morning in which atleast 45 people have died so far. This incident happened when a fire broke out in a luggage manufacturing factory in a crowded area of North Delhi. As per the sources, fire broke out around 5 A.M in the morning.

Rohit on verge of making a record in India vs West Indies match
India vs West Indies: Rohit Sharma To Join The 400-Sixes Club

Rohit Sharma is no stranger to create massive records in either formats of the game. And he will be on the verge of creating another feat, when he will come to bat in the second, India vs West Indies T-20 International today.


thewordsplay gives you the Top 3 Best Beard Trimmer for men in the year 2019
Top 3 Best Beard Trimmer You Can Buy In 2019

The top 3 best beard trimmer available in the market considering the quality and price have been listed by thewordsplay. Although there are numerous other ones which you can give a try. As only a user knows which beard trimmer suits him the best.

Top 5 clothing essential for men in his Men's winter wardrobe
Men’s Winter Wardrobe – Top 5 Clothing Essential For Men In Winter

The chilling season of winter is about the corner. And so about the gossip regarding the Men’s winter wardrobe. As far as a normal person is concerned, the basic mens winter fashion is totally simple.


The best On-Camera Shotgun Microphone present in market right now
Buying The On-Camera Shotgun Microphone For DSLR Video Cameras

If you are a video creator, then having the right type of on-camera microphone is so damm important. It’s such a vital part regardless of you being a music maker or a vlogger. If your video doesn’t have a good sound, that’s a big problem for you as a creator.


When talking about the Best Laptop under 50000, thewordsplay is taking various factors under consideration. The price factor, the features of the device, the after sales supports and the built quality.A few Laptop companies are fighting it out hard in the below 50000 price point


Salman khan exposed Arhaan in Bigg Boss 13
Arhaan- Rashmi relationship at stake.

Arhaan- Rashmi relationship is at stake right now. The couple have been together ever since they met in 2017. Rashmi Desai has been married before which is quiet open to everybody.She was married to Nandish Sandhu and made a wonderful couple. But soon, they started fighting which led to an ugly divorce in 2014.

Vikas Gupta in Bigg Boss 13
Master Mind Vikas Gupta- New Wild Card Entry In Bigg Boss 13

Master Mind Vikas Gupta is the new wild card entry in Bigg Boss 13 house. Bigg Boss will never be done with his bags of new tricks. Well this has happened for the first time in the house that a previous contestant is re-entering the house.